Smart Badge

Discover the benefits of the Smart Badge

At Sign & Print Expo 2023, the newest marketing technology will be used: the Smart Badge technology. It will become even easier to retrieve information during your visit. At the entrance, you will receive a name badge with a personal chip: your Smart Badge. Have you discovered an interesting exhibitor? Scan their Smart Badge reader and receive all the company details regarding this exhibitor via email the next morning.
Even if you did not have the chance to have a face-to-face conversation with the exhibitor, you can still receive all the relevant information regarding the company. No more bags full with flyers and business cards. A visit to a trade show has never been this efficient!

Why do we make use of the Smart Badge technology?

The Smart Badge technology is an easy way to exchange and retrieve information. We believe in the future of technology and want to prevent the waste of flyers, brochures and other paper at the trade show.


The Smart Badge is a personal badge that ensures that you are able to retrieve information of all the exhibitors that are present at Sign & Print Expo. As soon as you scan a Badge reader, you will automatically receive an online brochure of this exhibitor via email the next morning.

Your benefits

Your badge acts as a virtual carrying bag during your visit. No more heavy booklets!

The badge reader tracks exactly which exhibitors you've visited. After the event, you'll receive an email including all relevant information about the exhibitors you've visited.

No spam - you'll only receive digital information of exhibitors you're interested in.

You can exchange your digital business card with both exhibitors and visitors.

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