How to promote the event

Promote your participation to Sign & Print Expo

In the run-up towards the event, it is important to promote your participations among your (potential) relations. Together with you as an exhibitor, we strive to an event filled with qualitative visitors. In order to promote your participation, we offer various tool to reach your target group through all your communication channels.


In My Easyfairs, you can find diverse marketing materials among the ‘Invite your clients & prospects’ tab. The folder ‘Marketing materials’ contains the event logo, banners, etc. Use the logo and banners in various marketing communications that you have planned in the run-up to your participation (both in print as digital). This way, you can promote your participation through diverse channels and have the greatest target group reach possible. Do not forget that the personal registration link will also be available for online campaigns. You can keep track of the registrated visitors in My Easyfairs.


Besides the digital promotional materials, you will also receive a package with invitations which can be used to remind your clients of your participation or to invite them personally to visit you at the event.


Are you curious how we can help you to draw attention to your participation among your clients and prospects? Or would you like to know which marketing tools are offered with your participation? Make sure to contact us!
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