Smart Badge Reader

Get a maximum return of your badge reader

At Sign & Print Expo, the newest marketing technology will be used: the Smart Badge technology. It will become even more easy for visitors to retrieve information during their visit. Every visitor will receive a Smart Badge, a badge with a special integrated chip. With this Smart Badge, the visitors can easily scan their badge on the Badge Reader of the exhibitor. The Badge Reader is a special reader that every exhibitor will receive, and should place visibibly on their stand.   After the trade show, the visitors will receive an email with an overview of all the exhibitors that they have scanned with their badge. The information will send directly from your My Easyfairs profile. Make sure that you profile is filled in as detailed as possible.

Advantages for you as exhibitor

Share your company information

Also the visitors that you were not able to speak to, will receive (after scanning your badge reader) your product en company information via e-mail.

Reduce costs and waste

With the help of digital company information, you will save on brochures, catalogues and print materials

More contacts and possibilities

Combine the use of your Badge Reader with the Visit Connect Tool and scan the badges of your visitors.

Simplify your follow-up after the trade show

You will receive the data of the visitors who scanned your badge reader via e-mail.

Stimulate the visitor experience

Visitors who scan their smart badge, will receive your information digitally. Very convenient to share the details with their colleagues and acquaintances.


  1. Pick up your ready-to-use Badge Reader during the construction day. The battery will last the entire trade show.
  2. Place the Badge Reader on your stand: visible for the visitor, accessible and on the right height to easily scan.
  3. Return the Badge Reader at the end of the last trade show day.
  4. After the event, you will receive a list of the visitors that have scanned your Badge Reader(s) at your stand. This information can also be retrieved from My Easyfairs.
Note: The Badge Reader that you rent, remains property of Poken NV. Badge Readers that have not been returned, will be charged to the value of € 500.
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